Online Dating Pros and Cons

While online dating has been accepted in the mainstream as a valid and even entertaining way to meet people, there are still some people who have their reservations.  The “online dating” world still carries a stigma that’s different from meeting people in the offline world - a stigma that perhaps the people you find online aren’t as desirable as the people who don’t “need” to try online dating.

The truth is, like anything else, online dating has its own pros and cons, as well as advantages and disadvantages against traditional dating.  Here are the pros and cons of online dating.


-Online dating gives you more options.  With online dating, you get access to people you easily wouldn’t have met otherwise, and you get to pick and choose your favorites in a way that traditional dating doesn’t allow.  You can choose to e-mail your “type” of woman, for example, or if you’re a woman, you’ll get to more easily “screen” who you let talk to you.

-Online dating can easily fit into your lifestyle.  For people without a lot of time on their hands, online dating can handle some of the courtship for them - even while they’re at work, or busy doing chores.  For example, you might receive e-mails and other communications while you’re busy doing something else.  If you handled dating in the traditional way, this simply wouldn’t be possible.

-Presenting yourself.  Online, you get the opportunity to make a first impression that’s almost totally under your control.  You control the pictures you post, the words you use, and even your first message to someone who piques your interest.  In real life, you might find yourself getting caught in a “bad moment” in which it is more difficult to approach the man or woman of your desires.


-Immediacy.  In the real world, you get a chance to get immediate feedback on your approach or your appearance - you don’t have to wait for delayed responses.  While this might in itself be a good or bad thing - depending on the feedback you get - it does help you make progress in your dating life at a much faster rate.

In short, online dating has pros and cons like any other dating strategy, but if you know how to implement it, you can make it work for you.  Do some research, look at some successful online dating profiles, and you’ll be successfully dating in no time.

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