Tips for Online Dating Profiles

If you’ve just started in online dating, it can be a difficult wold to break in to.  Where do you start?  What do you do?  Is it better to be yourself or to write a profile designed to illicit attraction from the opposite sex?

These are questions you want to get handled before your first forays into the online dating world, and luckily, this article will get you started in the right direction.  Here are a few tips for building an online dating profile that gets real results.

-Be yourself - but be your best self.  There is something to the old mantra of “be yourself,” but you also don’t want to take “be yourself” too seriously, get too comfortable, and scare some people off.  You want to be your best self, and you want to advertise your best qualities upfront.  You don’t want to manipulate anyone or convince them you’re something you’re not, but you do want to portray your best qualities in an honest way.  If you’re physically attractive, don’t hesitate to show it off.  Quick note:  if you’re a woman, you might want to tone down the bikini pictures - you’ll get swarmed.

-Write clearly.  I can’t tell you how many otherwise perfectly profiles I’ve seen that would have been more successful if they were at least clear.  If you write with poor grammar, forget to dot your i’s and capitalize letters, you look like a potential teenager lying about his or her age.  Be sure to write clearly about yourself.  If you’re not a natural writer of grammar artist, just be patient and take some time to invest into your online profile.

-Don’t be self-depreciating.  Many people won’t get your humor, even if your sarcastic self-depreciating humor is your strongsuit.  This applies especially well for men - just because you think you’re being witty doesn’t mean women will read the sarcasm in your words.  Remember:  all they get to see are some words on an Internet page and some pictures.  You want to write words that entice, not words that confuse by being too bold, self-depreciating, or unnecessarily sarcastic.

-Do be funny, but don’t make everything a joke.  Be serious about filing out some of the forms in your profile, especially as it pertains to who you’re looking for.  Be upfront about your standards - and make sure they’re real standards you have.  If you won’t ever date a woman who already has kids, make that known.  Just be sure to be upfront about these things so that, even if you whittle the field down to less women or men, at least they’re the kind of women or men you’re looking for.

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