Picture Rules

If you’ve just registered or signed up with an online dating program like Match.com or eHarmony, you might find yourself wondering about the kind of profile you’re going to build.  This is good - before you get started, you want to make sure you have all of the information possible to put your best foot forward.

And it all starts with the picture you put up.

For men and women alike, the picture is of vital importance.  Even if you don’t consider yourself traditionally attractive, there are ways to portray yourself in the best light possible, highlighting yoru features without being overtly manipulating.  Here are some rules for submitting good pictures for your profile.

First, post pictures that integrate with your lifestyle.  Show yourself doing what you love doing.  For example, if you love aviation, showing yourself in a pilot’s jacket next to a Cessna you just flew would do a lot to portray yourself as adventurous and carefree - more than words ever could.

The important thing is not to sell yourself short.  Even if you don’t have a “cool” hobby like aviation, you’ll want to show yourself doing the things that make you unique.  If you play the piano, show yourself at a piano.  If you love sports, show yourself rooting for your favorite team, or tailgating at your team’s game.  It’s about showing someone whose life consists of something more than taking pictures in their bedroom with the lights dimmed.

Second - and this is especially true for guys - be sure to post pictures that portray you as a social person.  You’ll want to post picures that show yourself having a good time with friends, for example, or with some fun-looking and attractive women you’ve hung out with in the past.  This goes a long way to portraying you as a trustworthy guy who is at least socially apt enough to make friends and have fun with them.

How do you accomplish this?  You don’t have to set it up - just bring a camera with you the next time you hang out with friends, or use your cell phone and remember to ask some strangers to take some pictures of all of you hanging out and having fun.

Whatever you do, don’t sell yourself short because you don’t think your pictures will be exciting.  It’s about the energy you bring to your pictures, not the content itself.  People will read that energy and give you a solid response.

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