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Online Dating Guide - Escalation

At some point in your online dating life, you’ll strike gold with a woman or man you’re interested in, have some fun online conversation, and it will come time to “escalate” the interaction.  Escalation isn’t a military term or anything too serious like that - instead, escalation is about simply leading the interaction to the [...]

Online Dating Guide - The First Message

So you’ve taken the time to set up your first online profile, made sure to include exciting pictures that portray an active lifestyle, and you made your profile enticing and engaging.  So what’s next?  Well, at some point, you’re either going to respond to a message you like, or you’re going to initiate communciation with [...]

Saying No When Dating Online

One of the chief advantages of online dating is that the stings and fears of risk and rejection that usually occur from meeting people in the real world are significantly lessened.  In other words, it’s both easier to get rejected and to reject a person you’re no interested in when ou don’t know the person [...]

How to Banter Online

For many people, struggles with the real-life dating world too often coincide with troubles on the online dating scene.  In reality, you can make these differences work for you, and even help yourself out in a different area - you can leverage your online dating skills to go on more real-world dates, and bring your [...]

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