5 Advantages to Online Dating

For many people, “online dating” only sounds like a last resort, a place where people who couldn’t succeed at dating in real life turn to.  This couldn’t be further from the truth - after all, the goal of online dating is to secure fresh meetings and first dates with people you wouldn’t have met in real life.

Because of that, online dating has a number of advantages over traditional dating.  While it is not without its flaws - as with any mode or method of dating - it does have some great advantages over traditional dating because of advances in technology.  Here are 5 advantages to online dating.

1.  Online confidence.  For many men, approaching a woman of beauty who’s standing across the room inspires fear equivalent to jumping out of a plane or speaking in front of 5,000 people.  Dating online gives men who are afraid to approach women in real life an outlet to slowly introduce themselves - in an original way - to women they really prefer.

2.  Putting your best foot forward.  Your online dating profile gives you complete control over that always-crucial first impression:  you can put your best foot forward by selecting the best pictures to show - especially pictures that show you living an active lifestyle - and using engaging, playful words that make the opposite sex interested in communicating with you.

3.  Time management.  The chief advantage of using modern technology for the dating world is that it gives you access to better time management, allowing you to live an active life while your online profile does much of your advertising for you.  You can gain the interest of members of the opposite sex while you’re out golfing, swimming, or even working - and once it’s all set up, it becomes effortless.

4.  Mass communication.  In what other form of dating can you interact with more than one woman or man at one time, and not have it look tacky?  In online dating, you’re able to meet a multitude of people, even having simultaneous conversations, and then choose meetup times that work according to your schedule.  Mass communication also exposes you to more women or men.

5.  Meeting people!  Don’t forget, meeting people is what it’s all about.  Online dating is a means to an end;  keep that in mind and work towards the goal of meeting plenty of people to give you more options in your dating life.

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