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We have received too many complaints about the sites below. We advise that you avoid these..




MPwH - Dating Site For People With Herpes




MPwH is a dating site with a unique twist; it is a herpes dating, social, and support community online. The site has over 63,000 members. It is a free site, and you are able to remain anonymous. Meet People With Herpes (MPWH) offers a place for people with herpes to go without feeling ashamed or judged. It is also a great site for getting the answers to questions, having support, meeting new people, and learning to adjust to living with herpes.

Herpes can be genital or oral. Being diagnosed with either form can be devastating. However, the challenge of this dating web site is to give you the tools to go from being devastated to caring for it, and enjoying your life. The goal is for you to be responsible yet think of it as a minor inconvenience. About 50 million people, or 1 in 5 have herpes.

This online dating service has chat rooms open all day on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is a support chat room open all the time, as well as scheduled chat sessions of Thursday evenings. These chat rooms offer members the opportunity to get involved with others dealing with dating and herpes. It is very difficult for a person with herpes to get back out into the dating community. They are embarrassed and if they are responsible they do not want to risk infecting anyone else.

Often, they are dumped when they disclose their herpes status to someone they have been dating. The fear of rejection often makes the person more withdrawn from dating all together. Others are afraid of who will find out. Especially those living in small towns where such issues spread like wildfires. They may not have disclosed that they have herpes to their close friends or family yet, so that fear of everyone knowing is very real.

The site has a great myth section that discusses common myths about herpes in plain English. Such myths include you can get herpes from a toilet seat and you can never have sex again if you have herpes.
MPwH offers links to medical advice in addition to support. It links to to offer further assistance in treating your symptoms. Herpes is something that people of all races and all backgrounds get, so this site offers a diverse population of people to provide assistance to one another.

The site is monitored regularly to ensure the quality of the information posted. While freedom of expression is encouraged, it is to be done with respect. Everyone has different values and outlooks so avoid conflicts in those areas. Do not post medical information or statistical information on herpes unless you are able to site where the information came from. Too often people believe that just because it is on the internet, it has to be true. Be encouraging of each other, and find strength in the support of those who have walked that mile in your shoes.

MpwH is the herpes internet dating site

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